Why more people in training server, and still flying in the old region s?

Hi, i just had another question. Why always theres more people fliying in training service than expert? Actually its impossible to find active ATC in Expert server. And the Atc are always in KLAK, KSAN and KFSO.
Why you people are doing this?
I mean, we been waiting for global for so long, and now that we have global, the Atcs and everybody fly from or to Klax, KSan and the airports that was there before global comes out,
I dont know, but i think for doing this, flying like if we dont had global already, dosnt make any sense.
Maybe we can make fly programs each day. Something like: ok guys, the route for today its between KIAD and KIAH, so come to this airports and fly. There will be ATCs in borh, Tomorrow the route its KIah and MMMX.

Its a Example, and can be more that one routes at the same time. But please, theres 11,000 more airports instead KLAX, KSFO, or London.


Training Server has more coverage of users compared to Expert Server. And there are more people that can be a controller on this server (You can’t control in ES unless you are an IFATC)

For now, IFATCs are controlling in kind of regions to ensure the best service effort on some areas. We are doing this as there aren’t many IFATC Controllers for now. You can view our schedule this week on the thread linked below.

For now, most people wanted to fly/control at their home airports/surrounding areas. But hopefully the traffic can be centralized in the upcoming months. It’s just only a matter of time ;)


Another model could be perhaps that Non-Expert controllers can control class Charlie and some class Bravo airports as class Alpha, Approach, Departure, and for sure Center should be trained ATC.

With this model, and the rights for trainee ATC to report planes (to be reviewed and approved by expert ATCs), it would be still possible to train for quality

It would limit big airports to start from and land on as long as not on grade 3. But in real life you can’t start flying with an Airbus or Boeing from EHAM or KJFK either. So it would add to realism.

Grade 1: class Delta and only Unicom
Grade 2: class Charlie and trainee ATC, no reporting
Grade 3: class Bravo, trainee and expert ATC, reporting
Grade 4: class Alpha, expert ATC including Center, Strict rule appliance

Another issue could be IF to have only two servers, casual and expert, and with that more planes and higher server demands.

No. Expert server should ONLY be for trained controllers. I fly on Expert Server for good ATC Coverage, with your suggestion I might as well just fly TS.


There are less serious, expert players then there are just people who like the game for fun. Just a simple way to put it.

The casual server is for flying for fun and stunting
I’d love to have more ATC covered in the new areas made available too and I thought this topic is about that

The current ATC model does not allow for that on Expert server. I do personally every now and then an ATC session on training server, but I am not allowed to report pilots that do not follow instructions.

If we were to, then we would start to limit misbehavior on the servers, except for casual server. It’s just a thought.
In the end I’d like expert server with huge ATC coverage. It’s a challenge to get there in the current model, I think

Well the expert Server ATC not should but will only be operated by people who are trained to do it. They have to pass through a serious test, to see if they are up to the challenge. I tried it, though I was good enough and it turned out I’m not, only got 50% of the questions right😂.

In my counter proposal that would remain for class Alpha airport, approach, departure, center

Perhaps a lighter test for class Bravo ground and tower