Why ME airline would you like to fly?

Which dry airline in the Middle East would u like to travel in?

  • Kuwait Airways
  • Saudia
  • Oman Air
  • Iran Air

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Imma go on my Kuwait

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Iran Air, the classic experience

I don’t how all of a sudden Saudia is winning ? Let’s vote for Kuwait come on everyone

I dunno, I would go with Iran Air for the oldie airliners they have that you really don’t see anymore, hmm I dunno! All good airlines are listed here so this is a hard one…

I would love to fly on Iran Air, considering their history of sanctions, and that they have just placed a big Airbus order.

Why? The Airspace above ISIS is closed

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I voted Kuwait. Seems like the most western airline of all.


Trust me Oman is really nice too

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My Username says it

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Still, it’s the Middle East 😂😂


Saudia First class looks fantastic! Looks like Etihads but on a 777 and 787

I would avoid those airlines aswell


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