Why like this?

why is shows likke that when i want to export APT. on WED

@carmalonso please help me!

project : WADD

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Make sure everything is snapped, hope this helps :)

Are you in our slack?

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If he’s on GitHub, I would think so

Nice, Denpasar! We will be able to fly even more of Jetstar’s routes! Hope your issue gets fixed :-)

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no iam not, but iam on GITHUB

can you invite me ?

I can’t. Send an email to airports@liveflightapp.com

it says failure when i send email to them


@CaptainTrapBeats once you click “Ok” on that error, WED should automatically select what the problem is. Then just hit the backspace key (which will delete whatever object is causing the problem) and try exporting again.

okay, thanks you for the information sir :) :D

after i export it, then i should send the apt file to airports[at]liveflightapp[dot]com right?

Yep, we’ll review it within a few days.

okay, i emailed it WAOO and WADD

and also the slack @carmalonso

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