Why lagging?

Hello dear IF members,

Just a very quick question about IF. I remember playing back a few months ago and as you know IF is just IF right but it runs smoothly. I am a returning player and since my return which was probably not even a week ago, IF has been running poorly. Yes same phone too, and the reason might be the phone, its an s5. But then again, when i last played the game it was fine. Even worse now i got a new phone today, Vivo Y17, not the greatest but aye im not rich and still definitly better than the s5. Yet i still encountered lag, not as much but the improvement was little. Especially in replays the fps dropped to the ground. When i play on multiplayer ofc itll lag but with the new phone that has improved ram and just overal system stuffy, i expected it to run IF much better than my s5 but that wasnt the case. Sorry rambled on a bit but i would love to hear from you guys as to what you think about this and what might be the cause and how i could fix it. Thanks in advance, happy flying!

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wait…its the processor innit…

See if this helps:

Turn Anti Aliasing off
Set airplane count to Medium, Low or None
Set texture quality to Medium or Low
Set rendering resolution to Medium or Low


Do what @Andre_S said or even turn all of those to LOW.

Yes it may be your device because a lot of updates happened.

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I run IF on a 2016 device and haven’t played the game on high settings since pre-global.
It’s the price to pay to have a better simulation and we don’t have much options.

Hiya bro, just a little overview in regards to your devices. In terms of raw processing performance, your galaxy S5 is actually more powerful than your new Vivo Y17. The mediatek processor it ships with is equivalent to a low end Snapdragon 6 series, whereas your Samsung used an (admittedly older) 8 series chip. However it’s lower ram and GPU may make it seem worse to use, and Samsung devices don’t have a reputation for ageing well…

The Vivo phone may have a nicer display, look and feel newer whilst also having more ram, but it actually falls shorter when it comes to just pure performance.

@Andre_S has very kindly given you some recommendations I suggest you follow… Besides clearing your RAM, restarting your device and so forth, there isn’t really any way to improve the frame rate further. What with the increased quality of new aircraft and also the (exceptionally large) number of people flying the A350 in active airports, you may find this lag to be more and more common in multiplayer.


It could be your phone as a whole, not just one specific part that’s causing the game to lag. The S5 is 6 years old. I’d suggest upgrading to a more recent phone (iPhone 11 X, etc.) for optimal performance.

as i said i got a new phone the Vivo Y17 which i came to realise wasnt really that much better XD

yeah i have everything medium and anti-aliasing off

Hey, we have similar devices type. Im Vivo Y93 3GB of RAM device age is 12 month, and was just landed at LJLJ (Ljubljana) , when i was on final or entering the ILS i got lag for a seconds (probably for 15-20 seconds) and then it continues normally until landed. This happen every nearly me on final , has you also happened on nearly final? . No matter device is already restarted, Airplane count .


So i just went on this arvo and i turned down texture quality to low, i already had rendering quality and resolution on medium, i tried low for both of them but that made it worse, so now everything is on low and i went onto online and it was perfect. Perfect fram rate no lag at all. There were a few other aircraft in the vicinity too but still no lag. But it still feels too true and not believe that it has such better formance than the s5 when the processor is pretty much the same, if not even worse. Weird stuff

it may sound like i was stubborn to not put lowest setting from the beginning but a while back when i did it ofc the graphics were low as hell but there was no improvement in the fps. I guess now its a different story

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