Why Korean air 77W livery colour is different?

Only Korean air 77W has faded blue

It’s not real Korean air colour and it’s different from other Korean air airplanes in IF

I hope IF fix it at next update


Yeah, that’s definitely interesting. I didn’t notice that.

It is possible that because the 777-300ER was reworked last out of all the aircraft, the textures/graphics are going to be a bit more realistic


Also to add, the Text style on the 748 is the older Korean Air livery. The new one has the text slightly bigger and more centered on the hump

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787-9 is more recent Korean Air livery

Yes it’s right

The livery might be newer but the aircraft is still old and uses older graphics/textures.

maybe they wanted to show age, color fading or new colors

Not quite. See Seb’s reply, which happens to be on a more recent topic from the OP of this one.

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