Why joining the airline group or creating a VA is almost impossible? And what do I need to know to start a VA?

Why joining the airline group or creating a VA is almost impossible and?
I’m trying to join the VA but then everyone wants you to write a test. Like can’t you just leave the pilot alone this is a game not some real world stuff.
And why is creating a VA that long of a process and almost impossible to create?


Check out this site. https://ifvarb.com/

Also, the written test of most VA’s is only check if you know the basics so you won’t get ghosted or make the VA look bad.

For most, flying in a VA is not a casual thing. VAs are well organized and have quality standard to live up to. They often have some sort of requirement to make sure you actually know how to fly and arent there just to chat in their slack.

The same goes true for the VA applications. Many VAs start and fail within weeks because of poor planning. The IFVARB helps to make sure there are no duplicates and that the VA has the proper structure in place to handle the pilots. It takes a lot of work to create and run one.



Creating a VA is a long procedure & takes time. It’s not impossible, but IFVARB & the VAs likes to keep a certain standard to maintain professionalism.

There are many people who like the VA concept, & therefore, they choose to fly in VAs. However, for VAs to make sure pilots behave well, they may choose to add tests. They may even choose to add tests for another reason.

The VA procedure is long, but it’s in the best interest for the community to make sure the VA is set and can sustain over the long-run :)

I hope that answered some of your questions!

While it’s not the easiest thing to join a Virtual Airline, it’s simply because Infinite Flight is a Flight Simulator, not a Flight Game. All VA’s require a test to fill out, to face the strict, realistic conditions a real pilot would do, on the Expert Server.

I am the assistant education officer at UVAL. Maintaining professionalism is huge, also 15 minutes is not that logn of a test

All VAs take time and consideration to create. If your really serious about it you’d be able to wait that long. From experience once you understand what a VA is about and look into it you might take in appreciation how much time someone took to read your application, and invite you to their slack, and etc.
It sounds like you should join a VO (Virtual Organization.)

At Aloha Virtual we take a test to see where our pilot’s can improve their skills. As someone above said, this is also to make sure that the pilot doesn’t get ghosted or discouraged from flying again. Joining a VA is a lot of fun and all of the VA’s here on the community are really fun and fit to all pilot’s interests. You can fly GA aircraft, preform aerobatics with fighter jets, fly for the big Airlines such as United, American, and Delta, or fly commercially. I hope this helps :).

At Avianca Virtual, we require you to take a 20 question test over basic aviation knowledge to make sure you don’t make the VA look bad. We do our absolute best to maintain professionalism and ensure we have trained pilots representing our VA. It’s not casual flying.



No, it’s a game. It doesn’t simulate enough to be a simulator.

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It simulates being in a aircraft, so therefore it’s a simulator


I’ll see about that 😉

Okay, but still I understand that the game is simulated, but I don’t think it has to be that strict. It’s not like the real Flight Simulator Microsoft version. Where you have buildings and truly have to take your time to know the aircraft and the basics of flying one.

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Yes, because this is on IOS. Also, I have FSX and IF is more realistic.

To add onto others, I think being a member of a VA/VO means that you are also representing them in the simulator. One ‘untrained’ or ‘inexperienced’ pilot can give off a bad perception of their VA/VO to others on the simulator. That’s why they like to ask a multitude of questions and in some, require you to do graded test flights.

As a former CEO and founder of a previous virtual airline, as well as an executive staff member on a current one, I can testify on behalf of many fellow VA/VO founders and CEO’s that it is a very difficult process to start a VA/VO, as well as to run one.

The IFVARB is in place to guide prospective candidates into starting and leading a VA/VO, as well as to ensure the safety of everyone within the VA/VO should it be certified. If you ever plan on starting up a new VA/VO, you will see that members within IFVARB are not only professional, but are a guiding hand who want you to succeed, and will make sure that happens as long as you have a strong plan for your VA/VO and have the correct leadership capablities. They may appear strict, but they are going to help you through each phase of the certification process.

Highly recommend joining a VA/VO or starting one, it teaches you a lot!


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Creating is difficult on purpose. If you can’t find the dedication in you to sit down for hours and grind out the work, then you shouldn’t be running a VA. It’s way more work just to run it than you would think, let alone create.

Tests are in place to ensure that pilots at least have a hint of an idea what they’re doing before they join. We don’t want pilots giving us a bad name by misbehaving.

If this is your mindset, a VO might be a better fit for you.

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Well I truly don’t have time to create a VA cause I got other things to deal with. But in other words what does a VO do.

A VO is a virtual organization. A few examples, would be IFATC, the Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team, IFAE, etc.

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Adding on to what @Philippe_Gilbert said, a VO can also be a sort of “flying club” such as Plane and Pilot. These “clubs” are similar to a VA in the sense that professionalism is the goal with a side of having fun flying with fellow aviators. There are no routes, fleets or and major ranking system. These groups hold events and group-flights within their discord or slack servers quite often and are good to be a part of if you wish to have people to talk about aviation with. It’s like the IFC but with less chaos :P