Why it takes so long to make a livery?

Hi guys, I have a little question, why does it take so long to add new liveries (besides other development things)

Because there’s hundreds of liveries that has been asked for years and they don’t add them

I’m just curious


They’re adding liveries to aircraft they are focusing on :^)

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Our developers work really hard, the simple thing to say is that making these livery’s take awhile. I’m sure you would like to have your livery be high quality. It’s just hard and time consuming to do so. Lots of games don’t even update once a year, we are lucky to have the devs that we have.


Hey, I’d reccomend voting for this topic for community custom liveries! OpenSource Livery Templates this way, the liveries you want can be added :)


I’m not an expert in the field or anything on livery making, but I know it is definitely more than a copy-paste way of making them, it takes a lot more steps than that. Additionally, the devs can’t just drop everything they are doing and make every single livery ever requested. Usually they focus on making liveries for a few aircraft each update that are the most requested, or they are really into making, and go for that. Looks like Schyllberg is replying and he’ll know more than I do, so I’ll hand him the mic now.

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Making an actual livery can take anywhere from a few hours to many days. We have several reasons why we don’t add a whole host of liveries. These include development time that can be spent on other things and cost of having these.

Each livery needs to be downloaded by each user, so adding one livery means all users have to download that livery. That’s a lot of downloads, and when you scale these small things up, you get big outcomes. Think of it like an airline and small costs such as free snacks etc for a meal. A small cost per pax, but a big cost overall.

Others may just take a long time, for example the Airbus Carbon A359. Some may simply not be feasible such as the new Transavia on the B738 (we cannot add the text on the bottom due to the B737 model), and some may have poor reference material to go off!


Most liveries need a blend of colours. Take into consideration the Icelandair Auroa Borealis 757. It has that many colours in different places meaning it isnt the easiest to make. If i can find why liveries make so long (Probably somewhere like inibuilds ill say)

I’ve made my own livery before, and also made high detailed realistic ones on RFS.

It really isn’t that hard, but you do also have to remember that the devs have more important things to do than create many new liveries such as reworking the B77W that I’m sure we’re all really excited about!


Okay i get it, Thank you!!

I hope in a future *most *of the missing liveries could be added. :)

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