Why it is much easier to operate only one type of aircraft instead of than two (especially for smaller companies)

Hello guys!
Today I have an interesting, but somewhat well known topic with you guys.
As most of you may know it is first of all cheaper to operate only one type of aircraft, but that is not what I want to talk about.

What do you want to talk about you may wonder? Well, it takes less time. As you’ve probably read in my profile already we have 14 boats, 12 for rental, but what have this to do with airplanes? I’m going to tell you, because this is a perfect example.

10 of our boats have Yamaha engines, while 2 of them have Honda engines. To do service on them cost pretty much the same, but we need two sets of mechanics, so instead of having all mechanics work on every single boat, we have to get a few others to fix the Honda’s, and this is pretty much the same with aviation.

Let’s say we are a small company and have the same “fleet” as we have boats. 12 Boeing 737s and 2 A320. As we need two different sets of mechanics it takes longer time to repair and service one of the models.

This mostly applies to smaller airlines as big airlines tend to have many aircraft of every type, so there it is no real difference between times, but at a lot smaller scale we see that it is better to not operate two different types, not only because of cost but because of time.

Fly safe!

Because operating one specific type of aircraft makes maintenance a lot faster and easier, and it’s cheaper.

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That was my point ;) just wanted to use my experience home to showcase how it really is and why