Why isn't my IF assist Alert/Nav working

Why isn't the alert/nav part of IF assist working
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Try disconnecting/reconnecting Infinite Flight Connect in settings

That didnt work. Thanks tho.

Check notification settings on your device make sure you have given it permission to send you notifications

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the notification work i was trying to do a step climb with the app

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Did you try contacting the app creator about it? My understanding it’s a bug on IF Assist part

Ok! I would do as @TEFitness_LIVE said above, contact the developer.

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This could be related to a recent change in the data format for flight plans (changed with 22.1). If this is the case then it would require an update from the developer of IF assistant to fix it.

Only guessing on this.


Experiencing the same problem…

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That sounds like it could be the reason.

Looks like Cameron and Epaga are working on this together. Apparently it has something to do with Infinite flight API, and what John uses… (im not a developer so i have no idea)

Reference here: In-flight assistant Bug - #7 by Cameron

Hotfixes are coming!

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