Why isn't it possible to tune into multiple ILS frequencies at once?

When I’m landing at a busy airport w/ IFATC, sometimes Tower instructs a last minute runway switch. Obviuosly that’s realsitic and understandable, but can also pose a significant approach challenge. Specifically, since I originally planned on RWY 16R at SYD, my NAV1 is tuned to the frequency for runway 16R ILS. I often manually adjust the NAV course to the heading stated on the approach chart (which has proven to be more accurate then the one autofilled by IF). I am prepared to manually fly to plan using the gs/LOC for reference. However, at ~8 nm out, before I even intercepted 16R glideslope, I was asked to switch to 16L, a runway near and parallel to 16R. Problem is now I has no LOC/glideslope reference, and also didnt intercept the “cone” for 16L at the same position I left 16R’s “cone.” I barely had the runway in sight and could not see the PAPI lights. I ended up landing well enough on 16L, but was low at 300 ft 5nm away from airport.

so after that whole context, why can’t we have a second runway (parallel) ILS tuned to NAV2 as a quick backup plan?

should I make a feature request for it?

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I can’t speak to large aircraft, but many smaller aircraft only have one ILS receiver.

If you’re asked to change runways and aren’t comfortable doing so on short notice, you can always go around. Additionally, this is probably safer than trying to guess what runway you may be asked to change to and inputting that ahead of time. It’s better to call a go around and set up while you’re comfortable.


wait so I can perform a go-around even 8 nm away from the airport? is that allowed? so I just say going around and wait for ATC instructions?

A go around is your call when on final approach. If you’re going around, ATC can’t stop you from aborting a landing, and must respond with necessary action, letting you re-enter the pattern for approach.

If you keep going around multiple times it does get on our nerves, but we’ve still got to work with it 😂


Yep! Totally within your rights to continue the approach if you feel comfortable, or to call a go around if you need more time to set up for landing.

Just climb to pattern altitude and fly runway heading until you’re at the threshold, then turn crosswind. If ATC tells you differently, follow their instructions ofc :)

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You can go around at any point on final.
If you are on approach, or if you are not on final I would call a missed approach instead so it’s not confusing.

yea everything they said but from a IFATC standpoint I would actually like to see a runway change command added for us if we do need to change your runway instead of a pattern or whatever

You can always go around

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I don’t see why there is a need to tune into multiple ILS frequencies at once? Like you can only land on one runway at a time.

uhm, like i said, it would facilitate last minute runway switches…

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