Why isn’t there some Regular Names?

I found something odd today
So I looked at @Plane-Train-TV profile and I saw no regular name but his TL says Regular.

Please slove :)

I have no idea, but have noticed it as well


Don’t have a clue

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You can choose in your Preferences whether or not you want to have the Regular title. Therefore, not all Regulars may have it.


What do you exactly mean by “regular” names?

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Like these

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But @Plane-Train-TV is a Regular name.

@Kuba_Jaroszczyk look at the first post ^^

Yeah… Still don’t get it.

Wait, maybe you mean the “regular” title is missing under his name. Sorry I just misunderstood something here.

Basically once you reach TL3 you have the option to have the special tag (regular) there. Some choose not to have it there. Hope that clears it up

For example if I wanted to I could remove the regular tag you are seeing under my name but nothing else will change


You can chose to apply any sir name so to speak once it’s unlocked, like the mods could just go bare if they wanted to, as can people with a custom tag like @Moritz who has one generated by the mods not system, but still he can chose to have it. It’s all personal preference. I know from talking to him that @Plane-Train-TV doesn’t like having his on for his own reasons, I can’t say I agree,but he has his own reasons, and he can make that choice, as can anyone with a tag, hope this helps…

I don’t think I’ve been tagged so much in so little time. I just choose not to have my tag presentable. It’s a choice a regular can make. Whenever I had my tag active, I felt like I was treated differently, and felt like I had more power. I didn’t want to be different, I wanted to be like all of you! We are all here for the same reasons, and I didn’t want to take that away


It’s a setting like this one, people can set it as they please like a profile picture :)

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Treated differently? Can’t imagine that…or to say it differently: have you ever been asked to edit a certain airport??? 😭😂


Then why do some people have the Regular Title when they are not a regular?

There was a glitch that kept the Regular tag even if you were not a regular anymore. Some people have never changed it


I’m a regular member - I don’t wear it. I don’t have a good reason behind not wearing it. As a regular I’m here help the community with the small knowledge I have, and with being active on here it’s just a small perk I get

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Yeah, I just keep my Regular tag for fun :)

It really doesn’t have a purpose as we are all just there to help you, no matter our title :)

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I noticed this as well!!