Why isn’t Norway in HD?

I have the “newly” released 19.3 update of Infinite Flight… Flew around South East Asia with the Air Asia A320 and the live cockpit was absolutely marvellous…

The update on the AppStore says that the whole globe in in HD scenery but Norway ain’t looking to good. It looks exactly the same as before… So my question is, why hasn’t it been updated?


There isn’t any problem with the scenery as it was already in HD.

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Isn’t Norway already in 15M imagery?


Really? I was never impressed by the scenery there…


Are you mistaking the scenery for topography?

Norway, Canada, Greenland, Russia and Alaska all have lands above the 60th parallel. The topography, A.K.A shape of the globe is actually flat above the 60th parallel and the devs are working to implement that dataset to the game. The scenery is 15m HD.

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As you can see in the image below Norway is right on the borderline of 60th parallel north.

Screenshot from Google Earth

After all we are all flat earthers here, so no problem for us Norwegians.

Jokes aside. Here is a blog post from Jason/IF about it:


I just did a flight from Anchorage to Barrow and I saw lots of mountains but guess what? They’re flattened.

See @Andre_S post about that.