Why isn’t Lelystad airport (EHLE) capable of airliners?

In real Life, the Dutch government was planning to fly all (or at least a whole lot) of holiday destinations (European destinations) from klm, Transavia and corendon from here to make space for schiphol so they can suit more long haul destinations, and this all was meant to start in 2020 but for obvious reasons moved to 2021 and maybe 2022. But since its apparently capable of at least a a320 and b737 I was wondering why in game it says it’s not suited for airliners. If anyone knows, Thank you


Looks to be that the new terminal that is supposed to handle aircraft of this size isn’t yet included in IF. The commercial terminal that EHLE has right now is only capable of handling smaller GA aircraft. This will most likely be fixed in a future naviagtion update once a fellow editor decides to give the airport an update. When that’ll come is beyond my or anyone else’s knowledge.

TL:DR, it wasn’t designed to handle such aircraft from the get-go.


Could you tell me where this should handle airliners:

Now you know why it can’t handle them in IF. The work of the Airport editing Team is based on public availability of satellite images. As long as we don’t have them we could do nothing.


Probably the north-side.

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That is not in use acourding to AIP:

Like he said, not yet. One thing I know for sure is that it is being made ready for airliners.


In addition th Website of the Airport state that there is no date given yet for commercial operations. The airport isn’t certified for commercial operation as well acourding to Netherlands AIP. You could easily expect more the a year for all this to happen. Even without the pandemic.


Well, in short, the ramp is available. Just not being used yet, due to regulations. The airport edit team can edit the new ramp in, because it is there IRL RN.
Picture how the ramp will be used:

Go ahead, edit it.

You seem a bit pissed of. I stopped editing airports a long time ago. I’m sure others would like to do it

Well, if so you might have heard that we don’t take requests.
And if one is interested in editing it one will do it,
But usually not on request.
It is really unimportant as long as it is not operational.

Look, I don’t care about all that. I saw a discussion and I give the facts because I’m Dutch and I know where to find them. The fact is that the ramp is built, but not being used yet. The runway is made longer aswell.

I didn’t request anything and you don’t have to make anything… there are idk 40k airports or so, have fun

Now it looks to me like you are pissed of…

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Guys, keep calm so this thread doesnt get closed for urselves and people to add. My advice is take it to a pm


Hi @Thijs0106

Thanks for that report. Our Airport Editors all work voluntarily. This is why they are mostly free to choose what airport they want to edit, so usually they don’t work based on requests. When they edit an airport though, it’s important that there is enough data available. They need real-life satellite imagery to be able to draw all details accurately. This means that a) all the infrastructure must have been build first and b) imagery must be available.

I’m sure that when the time comes and all information is available, someone will edit this airport. In the meantime, maybe Airport Editing is something for yourself too? Have a look at the topic below to learn more about their efforts and how you can become part of the team!