Why is waypoint BAMBO in the Hawaii region not there?

In real life there is a waypoint on the eastern approach of HNL called BAMBO and I was confused why it is not there… is it out of the region or did FDS just not put it in?

It might be missing in our waypoint data. Do you have latitude and longitude coordinates?

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This should be it.

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One named BRYDG stands in it’s place. If you search for it online only BAMBO will come up. Must of been renamed.


@Henrik I’ve noticed quite a few that are missing across different regions. As in nothing at that location in the IF map at all. Would submitting a list of these be of interest or just leave it be for the moment, since Global might correct most if not all of them?

A list would be great! Our database is very limited and is quite old. We have a lot of the waypoints that are in North America, but other places have less public documents (that I know of) which restricts us waypoint quantity wise.

A bigger database would likely cost a lot of money. We have a start, but we need to add waypoints manually from here unless FDS invests in a new waypoint database.


Ok, I’ll start compiling a list of the ones I know are missing and where and expand it as I keep flying and running into more.


This is how I found out about this waypoint

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@Moritz_Babl Will love putting these in

Also Travis will have a field day rejecting all these