Why is tower always full, but ground isn't on PG?

All of you playground controllers, even ex-playground controllers, were or are you annoyed that you want to control a tower frequency, however the anonymous playgrounders pick just the tower frequency, and leave the ground frequency for someone to pick up. What do you think the reasoning for this is? I’ll give you my idea.

The reason why I want both a tower and ground frequency is because tower is more challenging, and more worthwhile. Departure, approach and center, well, not a lot of pilots on PG will listen to my instructions, and I don’t know every specific thing about controlling that. Since tower is challenging, and since the playgrounders trust PG idiots to taxi themselves safely to a random runway, they only “worry” about importing and exporting each plane in or out of the airport. I mean, ground is challenging, but only once in a while. What is your belief to this “Pick tower, heck with ground” fad?


I always want to go on tower but it’s taken!

I always pick Tower & Ground because I don’t trust other Playground controllers ._.


What I mean is, I’d like Tower & Ground, it’s more realistic. Why do you think they only pick Tower?

Could be a lot of traffic combined with the impatient pg pilots that send another message if they don’t get a quick response.

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Nah, just in real life tower and ground is separate and I can’t understand why people wanna join them together. Ground is one and tower is one. And in regards to that if a controller does both frequency and traffic is expended what’s gonna happen? If you’re enough knowledged you should know that there is much probability of crash or fault. At least speed of response and secure traffic management will be low compare to single frequency operation either just tower or ground.

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Yes but as tower you can choice landing/departure runways. You tell aircraft where to taxi. Unlike advanced there isn’t any communication between ground and tower (unless you know the person) so someone may want to take both tower and ground to choose runway preferences and limit departure lines.

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That just system failure of IF that needs to be improved. For current situation we could do ATC like you said, but not in a real life. I’ve no idea the developers are think IF as a game or simulator. If they think this is game then might be stay, but if they think this is simulator it needs to be improved. That why we are charged annually!! or monthly!! for live.

If we have ATIS reactivated then that would help a lot in being able to tell pilots / other controllers which Runways you are using for Take-off, which ones for landing etc.


@C_Baccari… MaxSez: there really is a practical and logical reason some PG controller only open the Tower Freq and never open Ground at the same time. “They don’t know any better”. Routinely budding PG controller do not prepare for the duties that await them.They get a notion, find they can log into ATC without training or preparation and wing it. That’s the nature of the beast. Until FDS establishes a precursor ATC PG log in requirement I suggest you just suck it up and move on. Stuff Happens on the PG. Oh my…

(I fly PG regularly. I get superior ATC service most of the time, the Advance offers only a few sameO "B’s, thus the preference. There’s a whole PG IF universe to “venture forth in where no man has gone before you”. Go for it!

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I always do Tower and Ground.


I like to open both when I give it a go. Particularly if controlling at EGLL. there I try and at least get people to taxi to 09/27R for take off to leave the respective 09/27L clear for landing, which is how it is normally operated in the RWL ( T4 and Cargo are the exception to the rule!)

However last time was dealing with so many idiots who disobeyed or couldn’t tell the difference between Left and Right that after 20mins I gave up and walked the dog instead!!

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Only on thing, you are a PG controller

Yes, this thread is about Playground controllers.

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and I think you hit the nail on the head there about why people only take TWR and not GND as well…

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