Why is this?

When I went plane spotting at Bob Hope (Burbank) I noticed that the planes parked there (southwest) only had their navigation lights on and didn’t put their beacon lights until they started to push back.

So I was wondering why in IF every checklist tells you to put beacon lights when parked.

They could be inexperienced pilots, was it on expert, training? More details would be appreciated.

Any server it’s very common

Well they are most likely inexperienced. This is the most minor thing I’ve heard about lately compared to…


…Yeah, rather not talk about that.

The southwest pilots may have their own checklists and IF checklists is a more generic checklist!

However if you are talking about Bob Hope IRL, then they have their own setup with the taxi-way and gate set-up. It’s my home airport too, along with LAX!


Yes I’m talking about IRL and thanks for this information! Have fun spotting!

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Beacon doesn’t come on until they get ready to run on their own power, what you’re seeing is them most likely attached to a GPU


Any time! KBUR is an amazing airport. Stop by KVNY if you ever can. That’s where i train and spot. Awesome GA planes there and the environment is amazing

To just clarify the meaning of lights at airports and jets.
The Navigation lights are switched on, to show ground crews, that the pilots are inside the aircraft.

The beacon light is switched to on, only with running engines, or the engines start. As pilots firing up the engines during the pushback, the beacon is then switched on.

I hope this clarifies the situation.



I’ll add that beacon are used to tell ground crew to clear a certain area marked on the ground.

Actually they are turned on anytime the aircraft is moving, engine running or not

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At 3:00 in this awesome safety video


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