Why is this user allowed on Expert Server?

Hi everyone!

I had just finished a flight on Expert Server last week when I heard the Ground frequency issue multiple warnings to a plane that had landed about taxiing without clearance – which were ignored. Then, still on the go, the user requested taxi to parking and received clearance.

Out of curiosity I checked who the user was and saw the person had almost 100 more violations than landings. I’m just curious about why the user was allowed to access Expert Server. Are you not supposed to have 50 percent less violations than landings for that?



The ratio when it comes to amount of landings compared to violations is based on the past 12 months of activity. What you are seeing is the users total amount.


Ahhh I see! Thanks for clarifying @schyllberg!

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Still I think he should have been ghosted for ignoring instructions!


He was deffo quite rude. I’m surprised ATC didn’t ghost him, he received at least three warnings. By the time he contacted ground he was a turn away from being parked at his gate lol.


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