Why is this seat wet?

Last week the story was about the throw-up on a RyanAir flight, this week it is about a urine soaked seat! It amazes me how gross some people can be on an airplane, take a look at the story below.


Aw geez, what is going on with the industry and poor cleaning records?


This must be some sort of joke. BA had this same issue about a year ago. British Airways business class passenger ‘forced to sit in urine-soaked seat’ for 11 hours


I had a glimpse about this article and the passenger threw away his expensive pants!

Honestly, what has come of civilized aviation, you do know there are bathrooms on board, right?

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That’s crazy that you can sue an airline for someone else’s disgusting actions that we’re done secretly.

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Honestly what an oof for BAW yet no one deserves to be treated like this.

This was British Airways, not United.

this is gonna sound weird but I misread urine for united lol

Lol. I did too at first.

Oh god that’s disgusting! But seriously, airlines need to take better care of the plane conditions.

I guess some wierd things happen when “urine” business class.


Yes, it’s an astonishing thing, 2 bad incidents in a week out of how many thousand flights? And that means the industry is is shambles??ha

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I see what you did there 😃

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that’s between you and me hehe

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Well, the passenger must’ve been pissed off! Ha, ha. (i’m sorry for the bad pun) prepares internally for flak


Regardless of cleaning, someone had to sit there, and just pee, on a plane…

Thats disgusting…


I have to agree with the person that urinated. I mean, it’s a life or death situation right? He couldn’t wait 1 minuet to walk to the back of the plane and use the toilet like a civilized person. No! To spare himself the risk, he had to go in his seat. I salute him for making the right decision.


Yeah, we haven’t considered the poor guy who sparred himself the embarrassment of peeing himself on his way to the toilet. Nice pov


Why does this happen so much. I think they give out to much champagne in business class

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