Why is this happening?

Has this happened to someone in the middle of a flight?

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Can you be more specific please

Hi! Judging by these two screenshots, I cannot tell what seems to be the problem. Do you mind explaining what is happening?

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I was in the middle of a flight and when I wanted to start the sudden descent that appeared on the screen.

so you mean half of your screen went black?

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This might be a problem with your device and not with the app “Infinite Flight” itself.

I haven’t seen this happen yet however I can suggest some things that might help!

  1. Restart your Infiniteflight and device that you’re playing on.

  2. Delete infiniteflight and re download it.

Hopefully those helped. -Braden

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I believe from the looks of it half of his screen is just grey on that first screen shot.

Can’t see what’s wrong can you elaborate on the situation.

he doesn’t have a problem with the scenery. It is a problem with his screen and not with the app itself. No need to contact any support regarding Infinite Flight.


Hmm okay then i suggest for him to either restart his app and device or re download the app

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Re-downloading the app is a last resort, because you lose all of your replay files. Keep trying the suggested steps, and if not, I would contact your platform’s support page.

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Right that’s why i put it last i suggest doing the first a few time if nothing works then the last one is worth a try!

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