Why is there such a small amount of people flying right now?

I just did a flight from KSAN - KSFO and am now doing a flight from KSJC - KPDX but I have noticed a VERY small amount of people in the skies. For instance, in my whole flight from KSAN - KSFO, I only saw about 3 planes the whole flight. Is it server issues or is it just like this?
By the way, I’m on Expert Server


Probably because most people in North America and Europe are asleep

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Everyone is probably headed to Europe for the amazing FNF tomorrow ;)


Well, its like midnight on the East coast of the US, and anybody flying is probably down in the Caribbean


I hate to be that guy, but it’s literally because people just aren’t flying right now.

It’s late at night in much of America, early morning in Europe, and around midday in Asia. Times around the world vastly affect when people are and aren’t flying.

Can’t always expect the servers to be jam packed - people are busy, doing things like working, sleeping, getting educated, or who else knows what.


I do flights at this time, and usually if I would do a flight from SAN or LAX to a bay airport, I see about 20-30 planes when its NOT active!
(I’m in the USW coast time zone btw)

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Maybe it’s just an especially quiet week then


Oh forgot to mention, It was like this yesterday as well when I did a flight at 3PM west coast time… Surely not too many people were asleep?

@MrMrMan ,@snoman and @Key I honestly think you are right now. The FNF is across the world now that I think about it, and although this was one of those weeks I was free, maybe others are busy?

Also I made this topic since I started noticing this right after the “Winds Aloft” Issue occured, so I thought it had to do something with that.


It’s not the end of the world. People have lives to live. Perhaps they’re not flying every waking minute.

I know that due to school, many students now have less time to fly as they focus on their studies.

Regarding the Winds aloft issue, I don’t think that would impact flights in IF too much, other than the fact that they may be faster than expected.


alright I see. I’m not blaming people though, like you said you can’t be flying 24/7
There was another topic I read the other day of the expert servers being weird, do you think it has to do with that?

Seeing how the expert server is fixed, I don’t think that it would have much effect on the number of flights.

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okay thanks for letting me know! Have a good night

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You as well. See you around, safe skies.

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Could also be because the winds aloft issue is causing ridiculous speeds

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Thats what I thought, but here is what a post above said

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Just in case you want this; the busiest times (I’ve noticed) are as follows:

Starts at:

Traffic dies down around:

Normally, that is the time when most of the US gets out of school. Can’t say much for earlier in the day as I’m getting edimucation.

Hope this helps,
Safe travels.

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You also have to account for people leaving their devices on while they are out doing other things. Before global, servers might have one or two people on them when America and Europe aren’t on but now with the addition of ultra-long hauls it’s different

For example: The original post was posted 8hrs ago. It’s 8:48 am on the east coast of the us. So it would have been 12:52 AM (or sometime around there) on the east coast. Now you were flying the west coast so take away 4 hours. It would have been around 8:52 on the west coast. Nobody flies Infinite Flight that late at night.

Because in NA, it’s school time

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