Why is there still a report button?

Hi all

I’m on the TS after getting a couple of speeding violations earlier when I wasn’t paying attention. A Turkish Airlines plane just taxied right through me and a couple of others. There’s a report button - does it do anything? I searched the IFC and it says it’s not possible to report on TS, but if that’s the case why is there a button?


I believe the report button only works for moderators. It was abused greatly before this change. Also, it’s TS so there is nothing much you can do.

When people say report, it usually means ghosted which isn’t possible on TS. In the case of the button, it doesn’t do anything at this time. I don’t know if it is used by others, like IFATC and mods or not, but normal players cannot report others. Also, you are on TS so there isn’t much you can do.

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I pressed it anyway! If you’re training you should still get some warnings for discourteous actions.l, even if not a formal violation or ghosting.

The report functionality was removed a while back because it was abused. Pilots would gang up and report pilots for no reasons. The physical button is still there because, well, it just hasn’t been removed. There may be future use for it but for now it does nothing from a pilot perspective.

The developers are aware of the TS behavior and are researching appropriate ways to address it.


Thanks. Can close!