Why is there only one voice available for the pilot/ATC?

What the heck.?

I was wondering the same thing!!!

Has this happened before or is this the first time?

It was there since I installed Infinite Flight (Got it on June 13, 2020, so this was after 20.1 update, and I have the most updated version, which is 20.01.02)

Try deleting and downloading the app again.

But will the purchase stay? (I have Android, which has the Google play store) I really don’t want to pay again.

Infinite Flight was my first purchase of an app ever so I have no idea how the whole purchase system works.

I did it once and my subscription still stayed but I’m on IOS, just ask a moderator or something before just in case.

Any moderators I can contact?

After you delete it it says if you would like to keep your subscription press “keep subscription” then download it again. (But again that’s only for IOS)

Maybe contact @DeerCrusher.

I’ve been summoned?


Yes, look above.

I will PM you my issue.

If you only have one voice, go into your device settings and check to see that you have downloaded more than one voice. Infinite Flight voices are pulled from your device.


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