Why is there no satellite imaging in many different places on my iPad?

In many different locations I have flown to in IF expecting lush green areas; there has been no satellite imaging. The terrain instead is one colour and looks very smooth which is confusing when flying. I wanted to just ask is there a reason behind this? And will it be fixed soon or in the future along with the other problems people have brought up like the unrealistic airport layouts at many places ( which I have also noticed in Africa and Dubai AFB)?

Because you’re flying in a 500metre country. The satellite imagery is too rare that there is none there

Thats weird because Dubai and most of Africa is covered.

Here is the total coverage of HD Imagery.


In Africa, there isn’t the best scenery in all places, in Dubai it is probaly because your WiFi is slow, so they load the bad imagery in place of the good imagery. I’m sorry if this made no sense.

No dubai has an unrealistic layout not unrealistic graphics

So any airport at an elevation of 500m doesn’t have good graphics

For the airport layout that is something you would want to inform the Airport Editing Team about. That has nothing to do with satellite imagery.

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No any airport that is outside of the supported area will have imagery that is only 500m large. If anything above 500m didn’t have good imgaery, then none of Australia New Zealand or the Americas would have good imagery…


The un-highlighted areas mean ‘don’t bother going here’ as they have the 500m imagery

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Do you believe it will be a future fix?

It isn’t a bug that needs a fix. It is just it is too hard to get the imagery, over time better imagery is added. It isn’t a bug. Just for now don’t go near those places, nothing to see

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But the picture doesn’t even look like 500m graphics it just shows all green like green paint

That is the point, every 500m a new pixel appears, a pixel is a color. I said it before and I say it again, don’t approach those areas, you will run out of tears.


I did a flight to Singapore which isn’t covered and it looked similar.