Why is there no plane noise?

Why isn’t my plane making any noise I’m in the air now so I don’t wanna restart

Did a notification or call pop up?

A call popped up

That’ll be why.

Is there anyway I could get the sound back

Exit out of the app real quickly and then come back to see if that works

As odd as it is, last time I had this, I oversped to get the “overspeed beep” warning thing to come up. I didn’t get a violation, but this audible warning brought back all of my sounds. You don’t have to hang out in the overspeed area for long. Just enough to get the warning & sound.


^ Only do this if you’re certain you can slow back down… we don’t want you to push yourself over the limit.

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I would probably recommend what DeerCrusher said,

There’s some devices that if you exit the sim, the simulator closes and you loose you flight, already happened to me some times, was just checking the SID, exited the app and came like 2 seconds after, the app came back to home screen

to fix the whole “exiting the app closes the flight” thing, make sure you have “background app refresh” turned off (apple devices only, there is an equivalent for android probably but i just don’t know it).

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On iOS sometimes turning on and off silent mode works, or even connecting to a bluetooth device and disconnecting. Hope this helps!

Hello, usually when the airplane sound is interrupted by a call or a change of audio port the sound does go. This can be fixed by sliding the ringer button on (I.e take your phone off silent). If it still does not work then check that that actual game volume is up. If that doesn’t help then the only way to get sound back is to restart the game. If you obviously are flying and do not want to restart then you won’t have the engine noise but ATC should still work. Hope that helps somehow! Cheers

I’ve also found that if you have a pair or AirPods or other wireless headphones, that connecting and disconnecting those commonly brings back sound

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To be honest, usually my sound disappears when I use my AirPods as it’s connected to both my phone and iPad. But that’s my fault! I always forget to disconnect it haha

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