Why is there no information on the route for Air France 116 on FlightAware?

I wanted to see the flight plan of AF116 from Paris to Shanghai but for some reason it doesn’t have the route so I can’t decode it.

Hello there. About the Flightaware problem, I suggest looking at previous flights in the days before. However, the IFC probably isn’t the best place to ask questions about Flightaware.


Unfortunately the route isn‘t available for many flights on Flight Aware. You can use SimBrief though.

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Make sure you are not in “upcoming flights”, but in “past flights” or “en route flight”.

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I don’t think flightaware gives routes that don’t have the United States, Canada, and Mexico as an origin or destination.

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Thanks for the replies folks :)

If someone hasn’t already mentioned this - you can always look up on Google “Air France 116” and it usually shows flight stats. Granted, it may not be always on FlightAware but it usually tells you how far it is through the journey.

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