Why is there no Hawaiian Airlines livery on the A330?

Since Hawaiian retired their 767s right now if you want to fly realistically on a plane with a Hawaiian livery it will always be a flight under an hour on a 717, and even that the Hawaiian livery on the 717 is the old one (not much different from the new one at all but still) I really enjoy doing flights in and out of the Hawaiian islands but I can’t do that on a Hawaiian Airlines plane anymore.


The aircraft is old, and hasn’t been reworked yet. You can vote for it here:

And the livery here:


It’s also of note that no aircraft in the game will probably have all of it’s liveries. Let’s just look at the A330, here’s a full list of A330 operators, it would take ages for them all to be included. The development team chooses them based on requested liveries, major operators, and a few other factors, so if you want to see a livery vote for it! 😁

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And to simplify it, we currently have the A330-300 in game and Hawiian Airlines only operates the A330-200. You can vote for it in topic @Aviator_Airbus posted above.