Why is there no APU on big planes ?

I noticed that A380 , B777s and others don’t have APU switch in systems menu !! Is there no APU switch on big planes or is it only not there in IF ?

Hello! Welcome to the community! The APU is only on some planes because not every plane has had a rework. If a plane has not had a rework, APU has not been added yet 🙂


This is because these planes have not been reworked in a long time as far as I am aware. In real life they do have an APU just as basically every modern commercial plane has.

A very warm welcome to the community as well! If you want to read a bit more about it, please see the post below:


Welcome to the community! Adding to the previous replies, please note that at the moment, only the 772 has an APU soundpack. The 737 variants do have APU; however, there is no soundpack associated with it.


heres the criteria:
if it does not have a live cockpit, it also does not have an APU
if it has a live cockpit, it has an APU
if its a reworked 777 variant, it’ll have a unique soundpack to go with the APU