Why is there ATC in only some airports in expert?

So I just got grade 3 and now I have access to the expert server! but I noticed that not many airports had active ATC, is it always like this? and is it because not many people play anymore?

I would appreciate if someone answers:D

Hey @CoolMoody, congrats on reaching Grade 3! IFATC members are all volunteers and choose to control airports on the Expert Server whenever they have the time to do so. Active frequencies depend on the availability of controllers (who want to control) at any given time.

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Oh yeah I get it! but how do people (aircrafts) manage when there is no ATC especially during busy days?

Sometimes like right now the server may be calm, but it can get extremely busy during official events. IFATC has no obligation to open, and can open anytime they want on their own time. If you want to help provide more coverage to more airports throughout the Expert Server, you can apply for IFATC if you’d like. :)

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Most times if an airport is busy, ATC is usually already active. Especially for events.

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Oh yeah but yesterday I saw that London Hearthow was quite busy like there were a lot of aircraft but no ATC how do they manage it in UNICOMS

On the user guide, there’s helpful instructions on how to use Unicom

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Pilots should utilize their best discretion to know who is where in the sequence. Those on final would obviously have the priority, unless they are further out of course. It’s not hard to do, but some people try to cut each other off resulting in GA’s. I was 7nm behind the aircraft in front with us both going 180kn, and I had a pilot cut 2nm in front of me going 150. Fortunately I hopped over to the parallel runway, but if you have feedback you can always look and see if you can PM the pilot and provide feedback or seek what their intentions were.


Ohh, I will definitely check it out!

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Oh yeah, I get it!

As usual the IF community was helpful :)
Thanks to @corgi_doodle_YT @MattAV and @AviationChampion
I really appreciate it! :D


Hi, I’m Harry, I’m a Grade 3 pilot.

Congratulations on reaching Grade 3!

As you may know, ATC is available to anyone on the Training Server. This is not the same for the Expert.

Specific people can apply on here to be ‘IFATC’, which are trained.

If airports are busy it may be due to an event, meaning ATC should be present. You can also check the ATC Schedule for IFATC if you are wanting to be in a ATC controlled airport.

If your interested in more within the Expert Server, there’s also VA’s (Virtual Airlines) which you can fly for and gain access to more aircrafts when you gain ranks.

Hope this helps!


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Oh yeah I got it, Thanks Harry :)

No problem!