Why is there always so much turbulence coming in and out of the Dallas area

I have noticed from watching YouTube videos that it is always very bumpy coming in and out of Dallas Texas, even when there aren’t any clouds, and there are no mountains around.

Most likely it may be that parts of Dallas are covered by grasslands and don’t have many obstacles to block the wind. May be wrong tho :)

But what about at altitudes of like 8000 ft.

Not sure. Just because there is no wind that doesn’t mean there won’t be turbulence tho

That could just be the altitude, it’s more likely and wind is heavier at higher altitudes.

Heat could always play a factor


Ah true convective turbulence.

I flew into Dallas last night it wasn’t turbulent at all actually. May be cause it was the night but idk

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Wake turbulence from heavies and other aircraft may also serve as a factor as well I’d assume. It’s a busy airport so there’s a lot of aircraft small and heavy that fly in and out.

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Bet there is plenty of convective turbulence in the skies where I live, take a look at this pic

Cuz its hot, humid and usually convective activity


I have a feeling this article explains it. Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas get a lot of tornadoes, and “pop-up thunderstorms”, and I’m guessing it’s the same reason for turbulence. Have a read!


Very interesting but they are describing supercells

Not airmass/ single cell/ pop up thunderstorms.

The one on top is the supercell, the one on the bottom is the pop up, see the difference?

It’s probably not thunderstorms. I’d imagine it’s mostly thermals and convection. I have no official basis to say this, but there is plenty of sun to make the connective channels…

How many videos did you watch on takeoffs/landings at DFW? Personally, departing and arriving at DFW is pretty average similarly to other airports until a storm cell forms.

Several of them.

This whole area of the US (Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas etc) is very susceptible to unstable air at the best of times. Some days are pretty calm but most days the winds are quite strong. Taking a look at the map you see that the area is pretty flat so no natural obstacles deflecting the wind.

The weather coming in from the Pacific, the Jet Stream and storm systems in the Gulf of Mexico all come in to play here. It’s actually quite fascinating to study if you are interested.

It is also the area that sees the most Tornados each year. That in itself should give you an indication of why the wind is like it is.

I fly in and out of Dallas a lot as it is my home airport, and I don’t experience much turbulence! The only annoying thing are thunderstorms because whenever we get thunderstorms they are huge and last for at least 4-5 hours. Also @felixcat we haven’t had a tornado in my part of Dallas in the last 8 years

Agreed I used to fly weekly with no issues. The hotter months make it a little bumpy but it really depends on the weather systems around. Fronts, dry line, and even the jet stream and dip low.

Morning flights are usually calmer if you want a calm flight.

Dallas is in a concrete and pollen bubble which is why satleite tv sucks sometimes.


I normally fly early in the day, around noon, or night, so I have never really experienced much turbulence related to heat