Why is there a weird plane in Infinite flight?

Okay, so, for some reason I was playing Infinite Flight when I saw what looked like a green Boeing 747-SP but with 2 engines and a third engine on the tail. I then came closer cause why not xD. Can anyone tell me why they did this and what even is it? I later found out that it appears in every airport I fly on

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thats the fire training facility. :)


Those “weird planes” are actually for firefighters for training


Oh Okay, thanks :D

Oh, okay :D

sir why is your plane in the grass


I just noticed that😭😭

These planes are for fire drills. And they had a LARGE amount of realism, since they’re plotted on the SIM exactly where they are in real life. 🙂

it’s because i was on the runaway when suddenly, I saw that there was something green in the distance, so I went to check it out :L

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That’s the McDonnell Boeing DC-747

but with seriousness it’s just a firefighting training plane

He was in awe at the green planes. Cut him some slack 😂


uhhh, sry :l

Yep, it’s true xD

k thx :DDDDDDD

I saw that too and realized it was some prop

Very realistic I wan visiting my grandma I. New York and JFK has theirs between 22L and 22R and it is placed perfectly

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In case anyone was curious the reason they are such odd mock planes and not designed after a singe real plane is so that fire departments can train on a verity of situations. You can train on attacking a fire on a tail mounted engine, or getting into the second story of a two story aircraft, etc. All of which are important to train for but no single aircraft has both.

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Yup! They’re placed perfectly! Right across from my work building!

Do you work in those industrial buildings where the cargo trucks go? I go spotting there all the time

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