Why is there a Flight Time (90 Days)?

I’d like to know why there is a 90 day Flight Time and Landings, because took a long break from IF, and I am suddenly Grade 2. 😑 Like what is the purpose?

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Probably to keep people who took a long break from IF from immediately accessing Expert again without refreshing themselves.


Okay. But I still think people can remember easily. After all, everyone knows what “taxi”, and “land” means.

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I think you’re overestimating how good people are at this game. Also, a secondary reason could be to motivate people who aren’t on break but also don’t fly too much to do at least a couple flights to avoid losing G3.


You’d be surprised how many people on Expert Server have absolutely no clue what they are doing…

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You’d be surprised how many people troll on Expert Server…

agreed, people crossing runway while taking off on purpose, cutting people off on taxiways, etc. I always ask myself why lol

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