Why is there a airport that connects wsss

G’day @ETHAN_YT,

WSAC used to be a military airport, built adjacent to WSSS. Since 2021, the airport and it’s runway (02R/20L) have been merged with WSSS as Changi begins an expansion, including a new terminal. These changes have been implemented within Infinite Flight the best they can be for the time being.

Unfortunately the only way to have WSAC and WSSS merged is through the help of Staff, who’re very busy.

I do agree that this issue should be fixed, given the time it has been since the operational change, and the complications it can create for pilots, ATC and Airport Editors alike.

Hope this helps!

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Yes, Terminal 5 is supposed to be bigger than terminals 1, 2, 3 and 4 combined! Looking forward to when it is finished!

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