Why is there a 10 character requirment?

Whenever I just want to give a simple reply to something that someone says I try to type “ok”. But for some reason there is a ten character requirment to post something. So instead of a simple reply i have to say ok… Just to make it ten characters. Could someone fix it so it could be no requirment for how many letters the post has to be.

This is not instant messenger, it’s more of forum where you debate on topics. If you want to say someone “thank you” you can send him personal massage. On public topic people don’t want to see 2 individual having short conversation that’s why if you are accepting someone view, you simply press like button.

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The 10-character limit was enforced so you use the “Like” (or heart) button instead of saying “Okay”, “Thank you”, “Awesome!”, etc… Philippe believes this is to encourage more descriptive titles and useful comments.