Why is their not a American 787-8

Did IF forget to add the American 787-8, even after the hot fix?

No, I guess they just never made the livery.


Because the first American 787-9 will fly soon. 😉


Can’t wait to see the AA 787-9 in service! Isn’t the first flight out of DFW? I might be wrong

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Don’t really know.

The hot fix was mainly to make the people complaining about the unrealistic liveries on the 787-10 (such as the KLM, BA, UAL) since the 787-10 doesn’t exist just of yet, FDS made them happy by putting them on the 787-9. Which by the way exists and has aircraft in service with those airlines.

The American Airlines 787-9 is coming soon, and is to come out and fly for the first time. It wasn’t necessarily needed on the 787-8.

My brother’s roommate’s dad is the captain of a 787. He flew the inaugural flight from DFW to ORD

The liveries on the 787-10 may not be “realistic”, but most of the airlines on the 787-10 plan/confirmed a order for them (EVA Air, etc.)


Don’t think they ever made a livery for that one in Infinite Flight. :)