Why is the visibility so bad at LAX?

I can’t even see my cockpit instruments or my wing from wing view!



In game visibility is a direct correlation to what is going on in the real world. Visibility is bad at KLAX in real life which is why it’s bad in game


I don’t think he meant that lol

Well not THAT bad. Like, I can’t even see the nose on the plane, or even see the plane at all…

I can barely see the cockpit from cockpit view

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I thought I was falling down the map

Could you send up a screenshot?

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That’s the cockpit view

The fog in the cockpit is a bug. Can’t say anything about the vis in general otherwise. Early morning fog?

Visibility = ZERO


wow. Ok umm, I think i’ll just end the flight 😂

Safe to do that, or if your realistic put your self in a hold over the ocean or on the gate.

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Appreciate the fact that Taxiways are on maps since 20.1

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Even so, if the fog is leaking jnto your cockpit, I would wait it out 😂 That is if you have time, if you want to even attempt to land, APPR and the Map are you best friends.

Yea, I was able to cross runway 25R, but then I just couldn’t

I saw you struggling a bit

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I tried to go into the nose gear view, but I couldn’t even see the taxi lines from there

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Just turn the time to night and you’ll see everything fine lol

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Yea, I kinda taxied over not taxiway area 😂

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back on topic, it’s only 7:24 a. m at LA. might wanna wait for news if you’re interested