Why is the user name green

Why do some pilots appearing green

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They represent the grade of the pilot. Green would mean that they are grade 4 and a peach means they are grade 5. Other colours includes purple for moderators and blue for staff, though I have seen different colours for staff in the past.

This is not true.


ATC controllers do not have a special colour. Colour only indicates Grade 4 and 5 status, or staff/mods as Wizrak has mentioned above.


I´m sorry, didn´t know that.

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The color indicates that persons grade.
Green is grade 4.
Brownish pink is grade 5.

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Hey there!

When you see a user with a green name, that means he or she is in Grade 4.

When you see someone with a brown name, that means that he or she is in Grade 5.

If you see someone who has a blue name, that means that he or she is a Staff at Infinite Flight.

Grade 4 : Green
Grade 5 : Brown
Staff : Blue

I hope that was helpful :) Wish you a pleasant day!


Thanks @AviationZyYT

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