Why is the topic about misbehaving on TS closed?

Why is a topic just closed without reason?
everyone is struggling with this??

I think this belongs in #meta

that’s unfortunate

I don’t think that everyone is struggling with this but I do believe that since the Training Server is a grounds where pilots develop, flourish and get their wings to get to the Expert Server, you’ll have incidents where there may be a poor experience. Pilots can still receive violations for not following the prompt that come up on the screen before flight but rules are a little less stringent for reasons.

Fortunately for everyone, through the years, we have tried to guide pilots to the IFC so that they can see the #tutorials and extensive knowledge base that community members have collaboratively. We learn through experience, we teach by leading by example and the rest works itself out for the willing and able.


the difference between training and expert servers are outstanding

6 violations…

That’s up to the pilot in control. Mach Schnell doesn’t work for every aircraft. The app gives warning annunciations and warning sounds to give pilots a chance to slow their airspeed. The pilot has to be in control and at the helm with full attentiveness especially during critical phases of flight. We’ve all received violations at one time or another, it’s what you do during and after the infractions to amend the situation.

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This was back in the day when it didn’t really gave warnings. It just said: overspeed violation

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