Why is the pro subscription now the only way to get a better sim?

Hi everyone, I was just looking through my notifications and saw the new update and thought ‘wow, that looks absolutely brilliant but how much will it be for me to get it?’ I am one of the minority who are yet unable to purchase the pro subscription and that presents me with a bit of a problem. From the information in the post it sounds as if all new aircraft will be only available on pro which I get as they are paying money to be able to get access to the globe and deserve the new aircraft straight away but I do think that us non-proers should be anle to purchase them after say a month of pro exclusivity.

I personally have been using IF for a long time and started when we still had the space shuttle missions and Cessna tutorials and I have seen it developed to the high standard it is now which is frankly the best mobile sim available. The only thing which could make it better is being able to still access new aircraft on solo because frankly it’s not fair that to make the sim better for yourself you need to purchase the pro subscription. The people without pro are being disappointed as we can see these amazing aircraft coming straight past us but we can’t get them and just see the photos and the influx of comments saying how good the aircraft are. So please developers, consider the people that can’t get pro and make the new aircraft available to us. Thank you very much


What I think is for fds to be able to afford to make these new aircraft and features they need this subscription payment model.

Maybe they could offer a cheaper sub option In the future for people like you who can’t afford the relatively expensive price.


I am pretty sure the developers are focusing on streamlining the payment methods and the whole Pro system by completely removing in app purchases (besides the Pro subscriptions) from the app. I don’t think they will be willing to change back to the old payment methods. Of course, all your previously purchased regions and aircraft are still available to you.


Don’t worry the new updated crj200 will remain free!

As Captain Ed said, FDS decided to make pro subscription the only way to get the full experience. It’s for operational simplicity as well as enabling future small updates and fixes to be delivered quickly and smoothly. I guess commercial considerations also had their effect.

I feel your pain, but they always make decisions about their product and we all have to adopt.

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The CRJ200 has not been updated. The cockpit is still blurry, I have yet to test the physics but I’m sure they haven’t been changed.

EDIT; No actions (lowering door, etc) have been added to the CRJ200 also.

Developing a game like this and maintaining it incurs a lot of costs, I don’t blame FDS for getting rid of the smaller IAP’s.

Personally I wouldn’t be surprised if the costs increase within a year or two.

I’m copying this from the 18.2 Release Post -

“…the CRJ 900 and 1000 will be coming in the next few months for Pro subscribers and the CRJ-200 will be updated and remain free.”

Look at this photo and tell me the CRJ200 is updated. I run everyone on medium or hight graphics.

This photo was taken in the 18.2 Update, I have the CRJ700. The CRJ200 has yet to be updated, I think there updating it when the CRJ 900/1000 is coming out.


Why is this “CRJ200 being updated” still a discussion. Not sure what all of this going back and forth is.

It has clearly been said above and in official announcements that it will be updated. No it is not updated currently but will be in the future.

Go have some fun and fly in the newly released CRJ700 instead.



I do not support this new aircraft strategy either. I do not understand why they do not return to let people who do not have pro buy the new models. would be more benefits for FDS. If from now on this is going to be like that, I’ll leave the community and never vote again to add planes. So why keep voting for applications if I’m never going to be able to buy the plane?

Since the global update on October 11 17.04 they have removed IAP for the regions and removed the singapore region due to no HD quality in that area. When we had next CRJ-700 they explained that they were going to make paid planes as part of the global subscription. There are multiple reasons for this.

  • It greatly simplifies our process to release new content on both Android and iOS, even allowing us to release new aircraft without requiring an app update.
  • It allows us to allocate more resources to update older aircraft; we ultimately want to bring our entire fleet to the same level of quality you are now all expecting.

If you have planes that you have previously purchase they will still remain available to you regardless of whether you have a pro subscription or not. I have most of the IAP planes since I purchased those planes before the pro subscription became a requirement.

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But getting a subscription is the only way to enjoy the sim.

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