Why is the Paris region unpopular?

I wish it was open more often for ATC.

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The airports are small and broing. Every few months itll open up.

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True but your missing the fact that their are 3 major airports in Paris.

I think I’ve only flown on Expert, with ATC on the Paris region once, and I have 140+ online hours!

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I have flown there at least 80 hours. And yeah, pretty alone…

There have been multiple events in the region. If you want one so bad why don’t you create one?


Possibly there are very few airports.

Because there are no airports that are large enough and far apart. Although the terrain is really nice.

I really should. I am the COO of Plane & Pilot so, I don’t know why I don’t just suggest it.
PS I mean FNF.

Kind of like the NY Region, small. Both have major airports, but you have to fly around the edges of the region if you want to fly high.


I will most likely be traveling to a very unrealistic destination- Air France A380 to St Maartan princess Juliana airport. I know what you’re thinking, but the A380 is huge and the runway is so small, well… Why not use literaly the whole runway plus maybe the sand? Who cares, its not tell life! And I’ve tested the runway with the A380 at its absolute maximum landing weight before and it still doesn’t need the whole runway.

The real question is, “Why should the Paris region be popular”?

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Don’t underestimate Paris’ region. If I can be honest, Paris has one of the best sceneries among other regions in Infinite Flight. Some airports such as Charles De Gaulle and Orly are also some nicest airports to fly in Infinite Flight ;)

These are actually the reason why I buy Paris Region despite it lacks of people


Not that I have anything against Paris region, but can you clarify how one region has “better scenery” than another region. Doesn’t every region at the moment have essentially the same greenery, ocean and mountain mixture?

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I rarely see beautiful fields on other Infinite Flight region. But I only have ever seen this in Paris and some parts in northern of London region


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