Why is the F/A-18 in the queue for reworks?

I may be missing something here but I can’t imagine the F/A-18 is a very popular rework. Like the IF team isn’t massive so everyone involved in reworks needs to work on one plane at a time. It seems like no one asked for the F/A-18 while the 747 or A380 have thousands of votes each.

Besides, the F/A-18 doesn’t really work in IF just because of the core mechanics of the game. I’m sure you’ve loaded onto IF in fighter jet, messed around for 5 minutes then said to yourself “ok that’s enough, time for a real flight”.

I have nothing but respect for the IF dev team but this doesn’t seem like a smart financial decision for them. Their revenue, which comes from player subscriptions, is built on the game’s replay-ability and there is none of it if some of the airliners are newly reworked and some are really old.


Can’t say that’s the case for me. I’ve actually been flying fighters exclusively for the past few weeks and it’s a ton of fun, you should give it a go. Excited to see the F/A-18 when it’s ready.


I recommend checking out this blog post from Infinite Flight, which addresses some of your questions:

This isn’t the case, different team members work on different things.


I did so for a couple of years! Whilst I still strongly believe that the legacy Hornet would’ve been a better choice for a rework, Im happy that a fighter aircraft is being reworked.

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I agree with you that the f/A-18 isn’t it’s important it’s a god thing the e175 looks like it will be out before F/A-18 of course I could be wrong. But they have to make the game to everyone’s liking and some like military better and some don’t. Me personally, I think the F/A-18 can wait a but that’s my opinion. Some love the fighters and not the airline planes

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IFAE Global Air Forces wants to know your location.

In all seriousness though, the F/A-18 poll thread was one of the most heated we’ve seen on this forum in a while. A lot of people were (and still are) super excited for it.

The military and the GA community has, to be frank, been a little underrepresented. Over the past few years the major reworks or new aircraft were all airliners - the 757, 777 family, A330, A220 - and more. The last major update for a military aircraft was the A-10 rework back in 2019, which was the first aircraft in the sim to have live instruments. On the flip side, the C-17 Globemaster doesn’t even have a cockpit, forget about instruments. For the GA community, we got the TBM a long while ago, then the XCub and a reworked C172 - but no new private jets or multi-engine aircraft, or even a Citation rework.

I don’t fly fighters much myself but am personally very excited for the F/A-18 rework.

I’m sure the staff can shed light on the numbers if they want to - although, I’m pretty sure their finances don’t depend upon a single rework alone. As mentioned in the development timeline linked by Tom, there are many other things in the pipeline such as more dynamic lighting, the E-Jets, and more. Personally I feel the smartest financial decision they’ve made along the whole way was to make the base non-Pro version of the app free for all.


Given this is a paid and subscription game (flight sim, wtv u wanna call it), I feel that IF shdnt rework aircrafts cause its a need to have a variety but rather rework aircraft based on what the community wants as a whole.

If its a free game, then whatever aircraft the developers choose to rework so be it. But taking into consideration of tens of thousands of active users with subscriptions and seeing polls for the A380 and B747 rework reaching sky high at 1000++ votes , not sure why we’re not getting the response that the majority of players would like.

And to be frank, as an active user which occasionally flying up to 6 flights in a day in IF globally (not just limited to a region) I havent seen anyone flying fighter aircrafts 🤷🏻‍♂️ Not sure what the others feel but I’ve got a strong feeling that this F/A18 will be the least popular reworked aircraft ever.


Maybe the areas you fly into perhaps, could be the reason you don’t see them. GAF aka Global Air Forces is a pretty well known military VO from my understanding.I am a proud member haha , I strictly fly military and have little to no interest in commercial airliners. Two sides to the table.


Im personally glad IF devs have some freedoms.

If we relied on community votes for all dev itd be widebody after widebody 🥱🥱


My reaction was somewhat different. I asked myself: “how can I get good enough at this to hand fly the f16 for an ILS approach into somewhere like SFO in traffic with ATC on Expert Server, and survive the experience.” It is doable…with a lot of practice. And super satisfying to accomplish.

Updating a fighter such as the F/A-18 to bring it in to line with the learning curve on more recent airliner releases is great. To me it’s all about flight. Commercial, general, and military aviation - I’m a fan of the diversity of experience on top of the quality of implementation.


Your thinking is sound about this, but there is a Military advocacy component in the IF subscribers.
I’m sure the metrics have been looked at. I agree , (and I don’t matter ), That the sim/is not biased towards serious military simming, but neither was MSFS and F18’s showed up there.

Its all about fun and user enjoyment in the final analysis, DESPITE IF pushing for serious and more realistic aviation experiences. Push for realism on the left hand and simple gaming fun on the right lol.

I think your point about airframes that are obsolete in so many ways but sit in a game WE PAY FOR is already noticed. I think its just that the technical progress has been moving pretty fast in the past year or so , so it will take time to go back and catch up with the older airframes and cockpits and still keep the game moving forward to please all of us and our endless wish lists and keep IF out in front with other competitive applications.

Lets see what happens. All in all IF is the best overall mobile device sim in my humble opinion and we know it is being developed all the time. Nobody is sleeping on duty !

BTW, I too hope the A380 and 747 get a full rework , I thought I read or heard somewhere the 380 is in the rework que. What stumps me is the 787 Series
its such a real world commercial aviation flown aircraft now by so many operators and it hasn’t been giving a working cockpit yet ! I not even a big fan of the plane, but it needs to move up the ladder

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This is a good descion to make the F-18 because it deserves a rework as much as other planes it just dosent get the atienton as other planes because 90 percent of people who play mostly fly comercial. However this is going to be not used at all but when Dan is streaming there could be like 3 of these things flying through him at once. Overall I do think this is benifical but could have been thought trough more

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Also 153 people voted for the F/A-18 rework, one of the highest voted feature requests. And then there’s other fighter aircraft requests open so add those to the 153 number. That’s not no one.

Those are two aircraft I personally will never fly for fun but you are correct about the votes. But in aviation there are many different aircraft types and it would become incredibly boring if Infinite Flight became a wide-body commercial aircraft only simulator, so that requires them to rework or add other types of aircraft that are interesting and fun to fly.

That isn’t true.

Type Updated Past 5 Years Older Total
Prop 3 2 5
Corporate Jet 1 1
Regional 4 4 8
Narrow Body 9 1 10
Wide-Body 6 11 17
Cargo 2 4 6
Military 6 6
Fighter 1 6 7

And a break down between GA, Commercial and Military.

Type Updated Past 5 Years Older Total
General Aviation 3 3 6
Commercial 21 20 41
Military 1 12 13
Combined GA/Military 4 15 19

As you can see the commercial aircraft fans are completely spoiled for choice when it comes to what they can fly with constant updates every year.

There is so many to choose from new and old aircraft, but mostly new, I’m not even sure with the amount of liveries if one could feasibly fly using all liveries availble on all 41 commercial aircraft in one year.

You are getting your money’s worth and the team should never worry about commercial fans.

There are more new commercial aircraft then the total amount of GA and military aircraft combined. So 1 more rework in 5 years is not too much an ask when there’s constant commercial updates.


The sorties that an -18 pilot pilot briefs will almost always be more complex than any route flight flown in an airliner. This is just a poor excuse for having no idea what to do with the craft, and wanting to fly a different series of an airliner because it has a 5 knot approach speed difference.


Simple thing is everyone has their opinion on what IF should add/rework, and there is no way to please everyone.

I think they do a good job of juggling which aircraft to rework and which ones can wait. I believe the last military aircraft to be reworked was the A10, and that was 4 years ago now…


I think you should fly fighter jets more realistically then.

I haven’t flown commercial in a long time, I can’t even remember the last time I flew an airliner on IF. I do realistic cross country / mission sorties on expert server, and regularly stop in at airports with ATC.

You just have to fly realistically. Too many people on IF imagine fighter jets as just something you mess around with on casual server when you you get bored. That’s wrong. Just fly realistically or do a realistic cross country mission. it’s very fun


I completely agree ! ☝️


This argument doesn’t make much sense to me. It’s essentially like saying “I haven’t seen anyone flying helicopters 🤷🏻‍♂️“. We don’t have any helicopters so of course no one has been seen flying them.

There’s only 1 newly updated fighter aircraft, the A-10, and it was updated 4 years ago. The standard is higher now for people so most don’t even touch the non-live cockpit aircraft.


Just a quick reply from me because others have made good points and I think it means more coming from them than from me - a big part of the the reason you don’t see people flying around in fighter jets is because they are low quality models. It’s a chicken or egg situation - nobody wants to fly an old model because it’s a legacy aircraft, and if we don’t update it then it’s just going to stay that way. If we based reworks solely on what was flown, we’d never rework any of the legacy aircraft 🤷‍♂️


Good point about not using the newer live cockpits. I basically do not use any aircraft that is not up to the newer live cockpit standards.
The rest seem to simple.

Its ok to have military AC in IF. I broadens the sim usability and overall enjoyment.

I hope to see an upgrade to Military transport aircraft soon too. C-130 and C-17.