Why is the ETE TO DEST red in the layout below

the title says my question? and is the time displayed how long i have left to arrival?

It means your current fuel level is too low for a safe flight to your destination. If you’re climbing, this is normally fine and will turn white when you level off.

no i am at cruise

will i need to divert?

You will probably want to stop for fuel at another airport then. That’s what I’d suggest.

ok! thanks

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How much time is remaining in your flight? It’s possible that there are strong headwinds that could die down as your flight progresses.

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That means you don’t have enough fuel to reach your destination. Check your remaining fuel tab, and for example if you have a ETE of 8:20, and remaining fuel of 8:30, you can probably reach there when your aircraft gets lighter

Yeah, that’s possible.

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i have 1:03hrs and 52 min left

Could you send a screenshot?

i have also lowered alt to 23000ft

yup, thats not gonna reach. divert. also lowering your alt doesn’t help.


are you sure?

I agree. That would be the safest play.

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Which is fuel and which is your ETE?

ETE of 1:03 and remaining fuel of 52 mins? not possible of a safe landing.

Which plane are you flying, I can help you get to a good cruising speed, and make sure you are above 28,000 feet

other way round

why do i need to do that