Why is the CRJ so hard to handle?

I’ve been flying the CRJ-200 recently, and every time I disengage autopilot for landing, the aircraft fights me at every turn. It’s exceedingly hard to find the right speed, where it isn’t stalling, but at the same time, not over speeding with flaps. Every landing i’ve made is a mad struggle with the plane, and often results in a 1000+ G landing. I have the JRollin CRJ-200 in XP11, and it handles like a baby. Easy to land and not a hassle at all. Has anyone else noticed this issue? Should this be fixed?

The CRJ is an aircraft that still needs to be reworked. So nothing is really right about it.


Hello there!
The CRJ-200 is one of the earliest models in Infinite Flight. Hopefully there will be a rework soon, but for now, I suggest you try some newer and updated planes like the 777 and 787 series:)


It’s an old model. Desperately needs a rework :)


Actually, it has not been touched since the release of the sim.


It’s almost as old as Joe’s humour