Why is the camera movement so fast?(Android s6edge)

Excuse me if I have a few errors when I write from croatia.
Since Global Update moves the camera sau fast. before the update was not so.
The control buttons on the left side were then on the right side(Flaps,and more you know). Can this be changed to the right? So only the accelerator pedal remains on the left side!
Why i have laggs if the minimap is there?
Here is a video of what I mean:

My mobile:
s6edge Android 7.0
3GB Ram

Sry for my bad English i hope you can help me :D <3

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  1. Check your control sensitivity in settings, as this may have changed. In addition, if you have “Limit Frame Rate” turned on, the camera will move faster, compared to if you had it turned off.
  2. The positioning of the control buttons should not have changed, and you cannot change the position of them.
  3. The minimap is known to cause lag, so I suggest keeping it turned off until it is fixed in a future update. You can see this topic for more information: "Global" update status, performance issues and workarounds

The positioning of the control button was changed with the Update :(
I cant so fly :(

Mod help me

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