Why is the Boeing 747-8 so fast?

If you flown this 747 before,you may know that it can fly over 700 kt’s.So is it basically the fastest commercial airliner on this game?


Maybe because of the thrust that provide the engines…🙄


Maybe but I don’t think so because the 744 has the same amount of trust.117% right

Yes it has…

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Well,its a mystery because a bigger plane should not go that fast although its very helpful

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That’s the N1, that does not determine the cruise or max speed of an aircraft


Well, if the game had the feature of planes breaking up due to aerodynamic stress it most probably would during those speeds.
In theory, it’s probably possible to bring the aircraft up to the speed of 700kts. If you remove the factor i mentioned above, aerodynamic stress.

It’s not like any aircraft is cruising around with max throttle.


Okay it doesn’t do it in real life…IF is an excellent simulation if fly like how you are supposed to…but if you do stunts/high speed flights with it, it will be more like a game…(in other words it does stuff that normally will break a plane apart IRL)

That is true

The 748-8 has more powerful engines than the 747-4 and -200 have. Also it has a very good aerodynamics.

No, none of the IF planes will act like IRL planes if you are stunts with them…even the newest model…

Don’t know how accurate but read that

its not helpful at all going that fast, it takes absolutely ages to slow down to a decent speed and is an approach controllers worst pet hate, people requesting approaches at 10,100 feet going 700gs

Then these pilots should first slow down before requesting anything, yes the plane is too fast but they should mitigate this problem by requesting for an approach only when the plane is slowed down.

what they should do and what they actually do are two totally different things, I messed about on solo mode last night with this, and it took me the long time to slow down to a reasonable speed lol!

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