Why is the ATC on the Training Server so Bad

So with the new update right, I got put back in grade 2. And I know they dont have tests or stuff like that, but I was on final from a 17 hour flight and I was cleared to land 5 times… They used to not be so bad, but it cant be only me who suffers , for lack of a better word , from this, right?

ATC on training server is training to become better at ATC. Of course everyone makes mistakes, but it’s what you should expect on training server.

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this is true, but i mean 5 times on a 10nm final 🥶

Training server is the one place non-IFATC people can be ATC. It’s likely none of these people are trained or are actually training. Don’t expect quality service.


i dont, but i dont expect… that if u kno what i mean

I’d amend this to:

don’t always expect quality service.

You’ll occasionally find controllers who aren’t trolling and genuinely are learning or trying to provide good service. It’s quite rare but when I have extra free time I’ll occasionally control on the training server since I’m not part of IFATC. That being said I’d never try to spam or troll someone who’s learning or at least trying to learn.


The training server is a place that everyone can have fun with ATC, but for the people trying to be realistic, it’s hard

As said above, TS controllers don’t have any experiece in being the tower (sometimes they have) so it’s a bit hard to keep up the right procediments

Wrong calls, wrong vectors and wrong messages. I don’t recommend TS if you’re looking for realism :)

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i would compliment your info, but your name is better :) yea it makes sense tho thanks!

its all i got right now 😭 thanks guys!

There’s no problem! Everyone here had his TS time, just continue flying normally and the you’ll be in expert server as soon as you expected!

Have a nice flight :)

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If atc on the ts dosnt seem to know what they are doing I usually just tune out and ignore them

cant they report u tho? or ghost u? or whatever is a ghost after 20.1

Not on the training server

really, i swear ive been reported there before 😂

You can pick up violations for overspeeding or aerobatics near an airfields by the server but not via atc

ok thanks!

Yeah the ATC’s on TS are mostly very inexperienced. (Ahem me) I guess it is a way for non IFATC to be ATC.


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