Why is the Airbus A321 rocking side to side?

@SouljaFlight Are you currently handflying the aircraft or is HDG on AP on?

All right, I see. I unfortunately can’t really give you an explanation, but I am hopeful someone else will be able to, good luck!

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That’s odd. I’m stumped as well, sorry

On climb, everything was fine.

Where are you located en-route? Might be flying through a turbulence zone, which simbrief isn’t exactly the best for showing.

This is a trubulence map from the NOAA and NWS for today. Ultimately the best way to plan for turbulence is to use fore-
flight, but that requires a subscription.

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Im around Syrause, New York. So that might likely be why

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From the information you’ve provided, it seems to me like an issue with the physics and how they interact with the autopilot. The rocking you are experiencing is likely the autopilot overcorrecting itself which explains why turning off the heading select option for the autopilot stops the rocking. There have been reports in the past of this behaviour on the A321 (more apparent with high winds like you are experiencing) and the A321’s physics have been tweaked for 19.3 (if I recall correctly). After this tweak, we haven’t seen any more reports of this.

If we get more reports of this happening, I’ll make sure to re-report this to the team. For now, I suggest just to keep an eye out on your device to make sure this rocking does not disengage the autopilot, which may result in unwanted violations. As I said, let’s hope it’s a ‘one-off’, but if not I’m sure someone at the team will look at it.

Take care!


Aka. you should probably descend a lil bit to a lower altitude

I descented to FL360, still the same.

I had the problem on my first ultra long haul from LA to Sydney, you probably just need to burn off some fuel. Also, you could be having turbulence like bad

I can’t burn fuel on the A321.

That’s because the area where your’e flying over currently, there’s turbulence until FL450- which I got from reading the image I posted earlier.

The number on the top of each area is the turbulence ceiling, which indicates how far up you can expect to find turbulence, and the minimum altitude required to avoid it.

So it was bad turbulence, did you custom make this FPL or did you use fpltoif.com or simbrief.com

With SimBrief.

Off topic but have you ever sonsidered using fpltoif.com? It’s especially made for infinite flight and converts wrong simbrief waypoints to coordinates

May I ask what a flight plan has to do with rocking…?

I think @Maxim said it best, take it easy y’all.

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Using those websites for flight plans can send you around the turbulence instead of going straight through it

FPLtoIF.com uses Simbrief…

Anyways, I’d read what Maxim said above. If it happens again in to a worse extent, let us know.

I only use FPLtoIF to make the waypoints as coordinates for long hauls and other missing waypoints in the sim.

The Airbus A321 accounts for about 99.9% of all my activity on IF, and I have become very familiar with the intricacies of its its operation. Being an incredibly technologically sound aircraft in real life, the aircraft has its quirks and preferences. Generally, I’ve found this bug to be avoidable by setting my cruising altitude anywhere between FL250 and FL330, depending on the duration of my cruise.

Right now, I’m flying from KBOS-KLAX in the JetBlue A321 (just like you). I’m cruising at FL305, Mach 0.86 and winds are 187° at 43 kts. There has been no rocking.

Hope this helps.