Why is the A350 not happening?


I’ve been thinking about the A350 in Infinite Flight, and remembered it had been a request for a long time without actually being in the game. So I went to check the vote counts and saw that it has nearly 1000 votes (It has 840)! Now the A350 and 787 were released in real life around the same time, but in Infinite Flight, the 787 was released in August 2016, but the A350 is still not in the game. I just found it weird that the 787 was released in late-2016, but after 2 years, the Airbus equivalent is still not in the game, and just want to know why.

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Because FDS does not have much of the data yet for it. Plain and simple. But don’t worry! They listen to every voter’s word. They’ll get to it when they see the opportunity.


FDS is aware that the A350 is in high demand. Currently they do not have the data on the aircraft

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But what do they need for the “data”?

It’s for the flight model and many other things.


It’s not just that we don’t have data, it’s because we already have enough airliners, so they’re adding and working on thing other than airliners for the time being.


if thats the case then how were they able to create the 787-10 if the plane didnt fly till this year?

obviously, as the a330 has a vote from every active person on the forum but we got the tbm instead which had a handful of votes


Firstly, the TBM was an answer to a call from many GA fans waiting for one to come into Infinite Flight, since the CCX was introduced a veeeery long time ago. For the 787-10, that may have been FDS using a past standard. Now, they take things according to actual aircraft data instead of just estimating, I think.

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We never said it won’t happen ever. We’ve only said it’s not happening now.

Additionally, the 787 was introduced as much as 4 years before the A350. So with that logic alone, we might have it in August 2020 ;)