why is the 757 so hard to fly

For me, the 757 is very hard to fly (and land) is it the same for you, if it is, can you tell me why, and how to fix it, please!


Probably because the model is very old and needs a rework like a lot of other models in the sim


Possibly, thanks for the early answer!


Yes, this is why. The 757 needs a rework.

I never found it that hard to fly, after a while. It’s my most flown aircraft in IF. While it needs a rework, it still is fun to fly. Maybe you just need a bit more practice. 😉


True. I only fly a few planes in IF. I wish they were all 787 quality or better…

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Than you all for the early answers, i’ll try my best to fly it better.

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How do you prevent it from bouncing to the side of the runway when your’e landing?


Planes can sometimes bounce on landing, however you can use the rudder to correct yourself once on the ground. Or on short final

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Rudder. That’s the best way to line yourself up with the centerline if there is wind.

Thank you, those are great tips!

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I totally agree with you that it is a hard aircraft to fly. My main issue is on the ground however. The physics are so unrealistic that I need to keep the power at 28% N1 just to maintain the ground speed. Even more power is needed to accelerate. Definitely needs a rework!

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Considering most IF models idle at 20-25%N1, 28% isn’t that bad in my eyes. Otherwise it has a lot power behind it. Just takes getting used to is all.

Only legends can fly the 757.


I’m not a legend :(

Why not @Gonzous 😂😂…

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it’s not hard, it’s just have a different behavior than other aircraft :) fly it often and you will adjust your style of flying to this aircraft

My question is how come they would release the plane in the first place with the trash physics. Unless somehow the plane files just became missed up 🤷🏾‍♂️

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I mean it’s an old model, and back then it was probably good enough for mobile flight sims. It’s like 2012 old dude

I personally have no issues with the aircraft. I just find that the ground can come very close much faster than you might anticipate, and it seems to handle a bit weird in a strong crosswind. To counter that, you just need to practice using the rudder with the aircraft.