Why is the 757-200 so hard to steer and why does it stop on the taxiway if you have low throttle?

The 757-200 is so hard to control the landing speeds are weird for me, and if my throttle is low it just stops on the taxiway, I find it so hard to just steer? Antbody else have this problem or tips? If so thanks in advanced.

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It’s an old model and yes, it is noted that the throttle is really bad


Thanks, I was flying the American livery today ksan-klax and I was gonna continue but I just exited. Do you know why it does that?

It’s an old model… Though I can’t say much for the technical details as I don’t know much but I do know many old models have many problems… You can try flying the A330, the 767 and so on… Old models have a lot of problems lol all we can do is wait for a rework ;)

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Like how the B777 is being reworked :D

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Thanks a lot for that, have a nice day! :)

You too! Oh and have I not welcomed you yet?

#Welcome! :D

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haha thanks, this community is so welcoming I should have joined a tear ago when I started flying.


Hello @American1549!, Welcome aboard! As Nat said, the plane has old physics, so this is why probably you can’t controlled well, believe me, I feel that too. And again, welcome to the forum!

Stay around here and consult our tutorials for more information and topics regarding to other user’s problems, they might have the same situation like you and I recommend you to read our sacred Community Guidelines too :)

Thanks for joining us!

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yes, I will definatly stay here, thanks again for welcoming me in to this community,


i do, but it makes me feel that the B757 is realistic when you start your take off slow then it goes fast

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