Why is the 737 landings so buggy and choppy

@infinite flight I was streaming today and I’m embarrassed of how that landing looked the landing gears are so choppy and bugged please fix these issue when you guys can thank you By Aviation YT


The 737 aircraft is old. It recently got a new live cockpit but the physics and airframe were not reworked. Hopefully they will rework it fully soon.


Hi @AviationYT,

the 737 was reworked relatively recently, so it is unlikely it will be reworked in the future. There could have been many factors that influenced a bad-looking landing, and if you’re looking to improve, #ground-school is a great place to start.

If you would like to vote for a full rework of the 737, head over to #features!

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I mean but even the best landing in the 737 look so bad. So I don’t thing it’s just that way that the op is landing

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Oh I might have misunderstood the original post. However, in my personal opinion, the 737 has always landed fine for me, and I fly it fairly often.


It’s quite difficult to help you with a description of “buggy and choppy”, so some more information would be necessary to help you.

The best thing to do here is to send your replay with sharemyinfiniteflight.com so I could take a look and help you out, or if you can’t, send a screen recording via Google Drive or an unlisted YouTube video, or if that’s not possible either, information regarding your speed, trim, flaps, winds, etc.


I kinda understand what you mean by that @AviationYT and agree a bit with it

Most 737 landings do look pretty rough even if they were smooth

That has basically two major reasons:

  1. As some people said previously, it is an old model, which means that its physics aren’t up to date
  2. Most 737 landings actually look like that in real life, mainly because of the landing gear suspension that lowers (puts the all the aircraft weight onto the wheels) just after touch down, giving the impression of a “bounce” (which didn’t happen)

Hope this explains it to you


Just to clear up a misconception – the 737 is by no means an old or outdated model. The 18.6 update at the end of 2018 gave the 737 multiple features, two of which included APPR and ground effect. This is only found on select newer aircraft. While I’m of course not a 737 pilot, I’m not aware that the physics are terribly off from real life, given the recent attention devoted to the 737 over the last couple of years.

Just since so many people seem to believe that the 737 is such an “outdated model”. Plus ground effect will help in smoother landings, as long as those landings are carried out properly, but that’s a different issue.


Yeah, is a really old model, however, If you want to see a full rework, Check this out :)

Hmmm but it’s not, hence why I made the above post.

The 737 NG series was first updated/added to Infinite Flight in 2013-2014. The BBJ only was given APPR when APPR was first introduced in 2014/2015. The 737 was again heavily revisited in 2018, with autoland, wheels, wingflex, winglets, ground effect, liveries and strobes all added or reworked. And finally in 2020 the entire fleet was given a live cockpit. This puts the overall 737 series model in the highest category for both new features and level of detail.

@JetSuperior5192 I understand you want new engine sounds and an interior (all that’s missing, with an interior requiring a full rework from the ground up), and that is fine, but to say that the model is old and outdated is misrepresenting its actual state and history in Infinite Flight :)


I don’t feel like the B737 feels that old compared to MANY others in the sim. I rather like flying the 737 actually, that’s how i perfected my IF skills overall

The reason the 737 landings feel “so buggy and choppy” sometimes is because there’s little to no suspension when you touch down in the 737. That’s what I noticed. Occasionally I nail a butter landing and the feeling goes away entirely.

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It was jst cockpit rework with one new livery. I think they may update it next year or in 2024.

I doubt they will update it next year. I think they would prioritize aircraft that haven’t been reworked such as the 767, 747, or C-17.

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